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O Canada (and Fanfare)

 June 16, 2014


Open your concert or ceremony with this spectacular original fanfare and inspiring new arrangement of Canada's National Anthem. Jeff Christmas, one of Canada's leading arrangers and composers was commissioned to compose the music for the opening ceremonies to the 2001 Canada Games, including "Fanfare and O Canada".  He has recently adapted several versions, and for the first time they are available for all of your ensembles and choirs.  Any of the following versions can be integrated, so have all your ensembles and choirs join forces for a mass rendition of our Nation's song!

Orchestra, String Orchestra, Concert Band, Jazz Band (Big Band), Brass Band, Brass Ensemble (10), Brass Ensemble (5), Horn Ensemble (4), Horn Ensemble (8), Saxophone Ensemble (4), SATB, SSAA, TTBB, SAB, SSA

If you would like a custom version for your ensemble please contact Write On Music for your request.

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